All Dogs Are OFA
  And CERF Rated

All Dogs Pictured
Are  Diamond P







                                                                   Black Dams
                                                           There are nine black dams      


Cherry is the daughter of FC/AFC Have Handler Will Travel x Westwinds Wild Cherry.  She is Gentle, sweet with strong masculine looks

Darla, MH

Darla is 68 pounds (Chocolate Factored) daughter of FC/ AFC/CFC/CAFC Chugach Hill's Jazz’s Rascal, MH.  She is running masters and is fast, agile and accurate in the field as well as being a perfect lady

Cherry's Jubilee, JH

"Jubie" is the daughter of FC/AFC/CFC/CAFC/ Jazztime, MH x Westwinds Wild Cherry. Don't let that curl up in your lap sweetness fool you as she is 68 pounds of muscle and go!

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